Soil Reinforcement

Both steel and synthetic soil reinforcement are available to suit the particular requirements of the project.

Most Reinforced Earth structures in the UK are constructed using our galvanized steel high adherence reinforcing strips. These provide a low-strain, robust and durable solution suitable for most land based applications.

The steel soil reinforcement system is fully supported by a current BBA Roads & Bridges Certificate for retaining walls and bridge abutments.


In corrosive environments, such as marine applications, galvanized steel is unsuitable for permanent structures. For these applications, the GeoStrap® synthetic soil reinforcement provides a suitable alternative to steel. The GeoStrap is connected to our concrete facing panels through our fully synthetic GeoMega® sleeve, thus providing a durable non-metallic mechanical connection.

This fully synthetic solution enables a wider range of fill materials to be used, including recycled aggregates containing potentially corrosive material.

A BBA Roads & Bridges Certificate for this system is pending.