Reinforced Earth system is straightforward to construct. No specialist plant or labour is required. Construction operations are performed from the backfill side of the structure, making it ideal for structures where disruption to adjacent features needs to be minimised.

Facing panels, soil reinforcement and ancillary items are delivered to site as required. All facing panels are clearly marked with the appropriate type. This allows each facing panel to be installed in the correct location.

The first course of facing panels is constructed on a small mass concrete levelling pad.


Layers of granular backfill are placed and compacted and soil reinforcement is connected to the facing panels at the appropriate levels. Where concrete facing panels are being used a hydraulic excavator is used to lift the panels into place.

Geotextile strips are placed across the panel joints to prevent the loss of fines from the backfill whilst allowing the structure to drain. Lightweight compaction equipment is used to compact the fill within 2m of the facing panels. Outside of this zone heavier compaction equipment can be used.

Construction of the TerraTrel system is similar to the concrete faced system. However, the lightweight steel facing panels can be easily handled and can be cut to size on site.