Concrete Facing Panels

Precast concrete facing panels are cruciform TerraClass or rectangular TerraQuad shapes. Panels are manufactured in factory conditions using high-quality steel moulds.

Concrete facing panels are delivered to the construction site in stacks of five panels. Timber spacers are placed between the panels to facilitate unloading and handling. All facing panels are clearly marked with the appropriate type. This allows each facing panel to be installed in the correct location.

The use of discrete facing panels makes Reinforced Earth structures particularly tolerant to differential settlement.


Concrete facing panels are available in a variety of textured and patterned finishes. Different colours can be achieved with the use of pigmented concrete.

Concrete facing panels are durable and have proven to be especially resilient to fire damage.

Tried and tested repair methods allow individual panels damaged by, for example, vehicle collision, to be replaced without compromising the integrity of the structure.